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Bringing insight and action steps to business owners and professionals through assessment-based leadership programs and coaching.

When it comes to your success as a business owner, your job performance, or your leadership effectiveness, your reputation matters more than your identity. Why is this? Because ultimately, it's others who decide to do business with you, hire you, promote you, or let you go.

Do you know how you are perceived day to day? Or how you show up when you’re not self-monitoring or under stress? As a leader, are you influencing people to follow you? As a business owner, do you and your team have an entrepreneurial mindset? I believe most people want to succeed in their career. But without self-awareness around how they are perceived day to day and in times of stress, they may flounder. Development with a coach can improve career effectiveness and overall satisfaction. 

We believe in an
assessment-based approach to leadership coaching.

Who We Work With

As a mission-driven individual, you may be a non-profit leader, an entrepreneur, or a CEO.

The job title really doesn’t matter.

You want to invest in greater self-awareness, improved communication, enhanced relationships, and strengthened job performance for you and your team.

You’re passionate about learning and constantly curious about what’s next.

You take feedback as a source of information in your quest for continuous improvement.

Sound like you?

Services We Offer

Individual Coaching

Red Zinnia offers one-on-one coaching for leaders ready to assess their current impact, identify areas for growth, and implement an action plan for change. Assessments such as Hogan Leadership Forecast, EQI-2.0, Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP), and Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) are specialized grounding tools for our work depending on your goals.

Team Workshops

Are you wondering how to invest in your team and promote improved stress tolerance, enhanced interpersonal relationships, strengthened empathy, and collaborative decision making? While there are never any guarantees when it comes to human behavior, there is power in understanding how emotional intelligence and constructive or destructive behaviors show up when conflicts arise. Mindset and behaviors directly influence how we approach relationships and shape company culture.
Using team reports, trends become obvious. This powerful data is the starting point for conversations around team effectiveness, relationship management, and getting to the work that matters most. All workshops include several one-to-one coaching sessions and appropriate assessments with the team's direct supervisor. This foundation is essential for a holistic view of expected outcomes. Armed with robust data points from both the leader and the team, the leader will identify the most important goals moving forward. Additional coaching sessions may be added for ongoing support depending on needs and budget.
EQ Leadership Assessments

Meet the founder

Tanya Zinn Jones, M.Ed., ACC, CMT

Northern Virginia is home to Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the 10th largest school division in the country. For over 20 years, I worked as a teacher-leader, literacy specialist, and staff developer throughout FCPS to improve outcomes for students in the county’s 41 Title I schools. Over time, my interest shifted to building a comprehensive approach to organizational well-being, personalized professional development, and holistic coaching for both students and educators. I wondered, “How can I contribute to student learning and success by coaching educators’ mindset, resilience and intentional actions?” The work of Elena Aguilar and others inspired me, and with the support of a visionary principal, I focused on bringing whole-being coaching strategies to my fellow frontline educators. 

Fast forward and now as an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), I work with corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and mission-driven individuals eager for a fresh approach to their professional development. I’m passionate about supporting my coaching community through facilitating on-going professional development through the International Coaching Federation DC Metro chapter as well as mentoring women early in their careers. I’m an active member of the Women in Business Committee of the Tysons Corner Tower Club and volunteer with Catch-a-Fire, an organization that matches non-profits with professional service volunteers.

Warren Jones and I own and operate Keppler Speakers, the country’s largest privately held speaker agency. Keppler represents sought-after key-note speakers and thought leaders from the worlds of business leadership, innovation, cybersecurity, world affairs, entertainment, sports and the arts. As owners, we meet incredible people whose influence impacts decision makers the world over. But the best part of our company is our amazing employees! Absolutely the most committed, hard-working, and fun folks to be around. 

As for fun facts about me, who knows? I love luxury chocolates, wine, Mary Oliver’s poetry, live performances, golf, Zinnias (of course), and our old pets. A learner at heart, I’ve taken up video games for the first time and am learning to Cha-Cha (real smooth). 

Client Testimonials

How We Work Together

Book a Consultation

During our initial 30-minute call, we’ll discuss where you are, where you want to be, and determine if we're a good match.

Make a Plan

After signing off on the scope and expectations of our engagement, we'll define the logistics of our partnership. We'll determine appropriate assessments, create an action plan, and outline a path forward together.

The Work Begins

Based on your needs and goals, we'll debrief assessment results, you'll determine a few, high priority goals, and we'll set up coaching sessions designed to support your priorities for action.