Meet the mission that calls you.

Transformation-focused coaching for passionate leaders doing good in the world

Are you a passionate leader doing good in the world? Are you driven by curiosity, motivated to learn, committed to making a difference, and serious about personal and professional development for yourself and those you lead?

You’ve invested in professional and personal development through webinars, classes, and workshops. Now you’re ready to invest in a highly personalized, job-embedded, 1-1 approach. You’re on a journey to deepen your understanding of yourself as a leader and apply that learning to your mission. Your reflective nature makes you eager for a thought partner, an accountability resource, and a fresh perspective.

We believe in a
strengths-based approach to leadership coaching.

Who We Work With

As a mission-driven individual, you may be a non-profit leader, a school principal or district administrator, a teacher leader, or an entrepreneur.

The job title really doesn’t matter.

You’re passionate about learning and constantly curious about what’s next.

You take feedback as a source of information in your quest for continuous improvement.

You want to invest in greater self-awareness, improved communication, enhanced relationships, and strengthened job performance for you and your team.

Sound like you?

Services We Offer

Individual Coaching

For leaders ready to grow and develop their leadership potential through refined emotional intelligence and increased conflict management skills, we’ll guide you through the EQ-i 2.0 and Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment tools. From there we will collaboratively build out an action plan over the course of several months.

Team Workshops

Are you wondering how to invest in your team and promote improved stress tolerance, enhanced interpersonal relationships, strengthened empathy, and collaborative decision making? There's power in understanding how our emotional intelligence affects how we approach relationships and contribute to company culture.
EQ Leadership Assessments

Meet the founder

Tanya Zinn Jones, M.Ed., ACC, CMT

I began my coaching career in the education world, where I worked as a teacher-leader and staff developer to improve outcomes for students. After 20 years in education, my focus shifted to building a comprehensive approach to organizational well-being and personalized professional development.

Now I coach new leaders eager to get off on the right foot with their teams, experienced leaders encountering a new challenge, and mission-driven individuals  eager for a fresh approach to their professional development.

Utilizing a strengths-based approach, I work alongside my clients toward their goals of creating awareness, strengthening mission outcomes, and improving company culture.

Client Testimonials

How We Work Together

Book a Consultation

During our initial 30-minute call, we’ll discuss where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

Make a Plan

We define the logistics of our partnership, by creating an action plan and outlining a path forward together.

The Work Begins

Based on your individual needs and goals, we will provide support and accountability as you take action!