Tanya Jones Leadership Coach

Tanya Zinn Jones, M.Ed., ACC, CMT​

My Coaching Style:

Collaborative. Positive. Direct.

Through my extensive experience in education, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of coaching in classrooms and beyond. My journey led me to complete my ICF certification through George Mason University’s Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program. This comprehensive training instilled in me a holistic approach, which I now bring to all my coaching engagements.

Founding Red Zinnia was a natural step for me, driven by my passion to share the transformative power of coaching with other mission-driven leaders committed to positive change.

Today, as an Associate Certified Coach with ICF, I specialize in coaching professionals, non-profit leaders, and women entrepreneurs. I believe in leveraging data to prompt meaningful discussions and discovery, using a strengths-based and assessment-driven approach to help clients achieve their goals. My coaching style is characterized by calmness, curiosity, and occasional directness, fostering an environment of support and accountability.

I’m selective about my clients, dedicating my time exclusively to those who are ready and willing to commit to the coaching process. For me, building a strong rapport with clients is essential for success, and I’m committed to fostering such relationships.

client testimonial

"I was absolutely thrilled after our first session! It only took me a few minutes to loosen up and be completely open about my business ideas, which is not a natural thing for me to do with people. Tanya's support, clarity of feedback, and ability to fuel my excitement about the project was absolutely amazing. Each week I walked away from our session with a clear set of actions I needed to embark on and motivated to achieve my dream."

Zinnias bloom over a long period of time, resist drought, and endure harsh conditions.

Why the name Red Zinnia?

The name Red Zinnia holds deep personal significance for me. During the establishment of my coaching firm, I lost my father, a man of boundless creativity and a relentless growth mindset. Honoring his influence, I integrated our family name into my business identity.

Zinnias, known for their endurance and beauty, embody traits of resilience and hardiness. The color red, symbolizing power and passion, resonated with me. I aspire to mirror these qualities in my coaching approach.

Red Zinnias represent my vision for the leaders I work with: genuine passion, resilience, and a love for their journey.